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As a Partner in Betrayal Trauma, I Feel Resentment Toward my Addict Partner. How do I Manage this?!

In episode 169, Mark and Steve address a very raw and real scenario and question from the partner of a porn/sex addict. As a partner trying to heal from Betrayal Trauma, she feels a lot of resentment toward her addict partner who is in recovery and she wants to know HOW to process through these very legitimate feelings— Hi! I would love to hear a discussion of the effect of resentment on the partner in recovery. My husband and I have been married for 19 years. D-Day was 15 months ago, and since then my husband has been sober and began to enter into recovery. He attends SA and I attend SAnon. We both have been working with therapists individually. I listened to your episode on resentments several times because so much of what you said resonated with me. I too experienced the hurricane of my husband's moods and lived on egg shells for years, never knowing the true reality of addiction he was in. In those years, the resentments were really difficult to live with and I think I numbed them out and focused on raising our kids. However, I find [that my] resentments that creep out as we navigate recovery hurt so much more as I am feeling them all deeply in my soul and whole being. Could you address resentments from a partner's perspective, the boundaries needed and any tips for navigating recovery when relationship setbacks seems so consequential and painful. Thank you so much- I am learning so much from your podcast. - The bravery, resilience and love of partners suffering from Betrayal Trauma is AMAZING! - Addicts are not the only ones who struggle with resentments! - The legitimate, understandable reasons WHY the partners of addicts find resentments bubbling up inside their hearts and minds. - HOW to face these resentments and process them/move forward in healthy ways—what is the role of the partner AND the role of the addict on this journey?

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