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As Addicts, We Can Throw Up HUGE Barriers to Recovery and Mending Our Most Important Relationships!

In this episode, Mark and Steve address a situation and series of questions from a PBSE listener who is the partner of a porn/sex addict and struggling with betrayal trauma. Here's what she had to say— Hi Mark and Steve. first off thank you for all that you do. my partner and I have been listening to your podcasts lately. I have a few concerns though that I'm seeking input on: he told me he's not in a place of his recovery to be disclosing things to me such as what his fetish was/is. I think I deserve to know this about my partner's addiction since he was acting out throughout our whole relationship secretly even though I set it as a hard boundary early on. does this mean he is trying to protect his addiction still? its been less than 3 months of sober/recovery. My other concern is: he says he's not against porn and doesn't have an opinion about it and this is a healthier method to view it. but this makes me very angry as I know there are endless reasons to be against porn and the industry as a whole, not to mention how its negatively impacting our relationship. Thirdly, he oftentimes says he doesn't have enough time to partake in daily recovery. but I think that's just an excuse because he didn't have trouble making time for watching porn throughout our relationship, which I classify as cheating. There are 3 major barriers her addict partner his throwing up that are blocking his own personal progress and the mending of the relationship— 1. Withholding information about addiction behaviors and betrayal 2. Minimizing, rationalizing and justifying the nature and effects of pornography 3. Making excuses for not doing the hard daily work of recovery Mark and Steve address all three of these road blocks and how they held them back in their own recoveries and relationships.

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Here's an article on the Brain Science behind porn and sex addiction—

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