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“Clearing Away the Wreckage of Your Past"—Recovery Lessons from Steve’s Metal Detecting Trip

Almost 30 years ago, when PBSE co-founder Steve Moore was 13-years-old, his father was killed in a plane crash. This traumatic event played a big role in Steve developing an addiction to pornography as a young teen. A few weeks ago, Steve traveled to his father's plane crash site to "uncover the wreckage of his past." In this special episode, Steve relates his experience directly to how crucial "uncovering and clearing away the wreckage of your past" is to recovery and healing—

- “Scanning the Surface” sometimes brings insights about what is below the surface, and vice versa.

- Meditation, or “quiet time” in recovery is easy to under-estimate and/or neglect.

- Exploring the “Physical Avatars”, or examples of trauma/one’s past can be a powerful experience, but should be done cautiously.

- Whatever methods you choose to explore your past, be on the look-out for opportunities for "post-traumatic growth."

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