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How a lifetime of “Communication Trauma” can prevent “Healthy Connection” in the Here and Now.

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

We have all suffered from "communication trauma" in our life experiences! This can too easily get in the way and/or sabotage healthy communication and connection in our current relationships. Here's how a PBSE listener expressed the challenge she is having with her partner who is an addict in recovery—

Hi. I was wondering if you could do a podcast on communication. My partner is a recovering sex addict and he has a hard time with communication and working on fixing issues that come up because he basically freezes and doesn’t know what to say. With years of verbal abuse from an old employer, plus the life of addiction that he’s battled- he learned to not argue or say anything to avoid confrontation. This becomes a battle for me as I’m really trying hard to work on communicating with him and making it a priority for myself. This is something we are battling and I don’t want to lose out on what is an amazing relationship (even with the addiction) just because we can’t communicate effectively. Even simple things as asking for help with something he’s struggling with can be to much, and then he’s just angry because he’s struggling but won’t reach out to me and it causes conflict.

- What are the potential "causes" of Communication Trauma?

- What is the first step to shifting into healthy communication styles?

- Why finding "safe" people to share with is CRITICAL!

- How to begin daring to engage in the SCARY process of "Collaborative Confrontation/Conflict."

- What are some simple "healthy communication" tools and strategies?


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