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How do we move out of a “Trauma Response” into “Relationships Authenticity”? (Part Two)

Once you recognize that you and/or your partner are caught in a "Trauma Response," HOW can you intentionally move into a place of "Relationship Authenticity"? Assuming you have completed and openly discussed your "trauma map," proceed as follows— - Take a break from the situation—the people involved and/or the environment and circumstances. - Pursue some sort of grounding self-care, i.e., Journaling; Talking it out with someone NOT involved; Some sort of recharging self-care (not avoidance-based) - Ask yourself: Why does may brain use this particular trauma Response—Where did it come from? What does it do for me? What might be some healthy alternatives? - Set a time for yourself and/or the other person to come back—Establish ground rules for how long you will work in that “trauma space; establish ground rules for taking a break again as needed. This episode is "Part Two" on this topic.

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