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How do you keep going in Recovery & Healing when you're Burned Out and just plain "Done"!

Mark and Steve know from personal experience and helping others, just how heavy, difficult, exhausting and discouraging addiction recovery and betrayal trauma healing can be! In this episode they tackle this common issue head-on— - How you and your spouse can honor and embrace your pain and feelings without allowing them to derail your recovery and healing. - Is your view of recovery and healing (the pain and the blessings) realistic? How to plan and prepare for "the hard"? - How to "get selfish in a healthy way" and capture or recapture the "vision" for your recovery and healing--"what's in this for me?" - How to find your recovery and healing "fight song;" anthem and inspiration. - Learn to "exercise your agency" in the areas of life where it isn't already compromised. - Learn to view recovery and healing as a "lifestyle" as opposed to a temporary measure or event.

Find out more about Steve Moore at: Ascension Counseling

Learn more about Mark Kastleman at: Reclaim Counseling Services Here's an article about healing Betrayal Trauma— Wondering IF you have an actual "porn addiction"?— Want to learn more about HOW to break free from porn?— Ever wonder WHY LDS men suffer so much shame from porn use?— Wondering if your marriage can survive porn and sex addiction? This article will give you some hope—

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