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I’m Not Sexually Attracted to My Partner—Are We Done?

We live in a culture that can easily tend to make physical/sexual attraction the "be all, end all," in marriage relationships. In this episode, Mark and Steve share their own raw and real marriage experiences in relation to this poignant and difficult topic:

- Sexual passion/attraction is a force that "acts upon us." On the other hand, "Love" is a force we "choose to act within."

- What is "Attraction"? What is it based upon? Can it change?

- We each have an "Arousal Template" which is both physically and chemically driven. This template is largely programmed into us by our upbringing, media, culture, peers, porn, etc. BUT, we are NOT trapped in the same unchanging template--it CAN change, evolve and mature.

- HOW can we begin to develop and enjoy a "holistic attraction and passion"--the kind that LASTS and DEEPENS with time?

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