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Is it OK to Occasionally "Lie" if its in the Best Interest of Your Recovery or Healing?

We live in a world where honesty is a steadily shrinking virtue! Many in politics, sales, advertising and the media send a subtle or even blatant message that truth is relative, situational or interpretive. But what about issues related to addiction, betrayal, recovery and healing?

- Is telling the "whole" truth all the time really the "best" policy?

- What exactly is "the truth" when it comes to recovery and healing?

- How important is total truth and transparency to an authentically "intimate" relationship?

- Is "truth at ALL costs" really the most intelligent and healthy approach to recovery and healing?

- What is THE most important truth that should be shared in a marriage relationship?

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How can you "heal" your marriage relationship?—

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What is the difference between "True Intimacy" and "sex" in a marriage relationship?—

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