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Is it "OK" to "Offend" Your Partner?

In this episode, Mark and Steve address some very poignant questions submitted by a listener: "What do you do when the proof is in the pudding that your partner is a sexual addict but they refuse to acknowledge it?I asked him for a separation at the beginning of Dec hoping that would shake him up a bit … He has agreed to couples counseling but is "offended" at my suggestion that he has a sex addiction. There have been many discoveries over our 17 years. Is there a way to help him see or are we a lost cause?" - We have NO control over (and must surrender) another's feelings, even our partner's. - We tell the truth at any cost! - The focus in true Intimacy is on Authenticity, NOT on preserving/protecting/enabling unacceptable behaviors. - LOVE cannot be LOVE if it is robbed of truth! - FEAR can derail authenticity. - We CAN help a spouse "see" the reality of their addiction, BUT we cannot force them to recognize it. We can be consistent and bold with boundaries and consequences. We can "hold up a mirror." And, we can love him or her enough to let them be uncomfortable. - How to use "outside voices" and "other messengers" to help an addict spouse come to a place of vulnerability, acceptance and accountability.

Find out more about Steve Moore at: Ascension Counseling

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