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Is There a “Statute of Limitations” on Feelings, Betrayal Trauma and Disclosure?

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

In Episode 178, Mark and Steve address an all-too-common situation and question faced and asked by porn/sex addicts in recovery and their partners seeking to heal from betrayal trauma—"Should there be a limit on how long and how many times difficult feelings can be felt, expressed and processed; how long and how many times betrayal trauma can resurface, be confronted and shared; how long before Disclosure cannot be asked for, or additional Disclosures requested? Is there a "statue of limitations" on these things?

A PBSE listener—the partner of a porn/sex addict—asked Mark and Steve a lot of questions around these issues:

- Is there a limit on how long the partner of a porn/sex addict can express feelings, struggle with betrayal trauma or seek disclosure?

- Are all these issues things a couple needs to keep proactively talking about?

- Does everyone need to have a full disclosure? I'm not sure if I would even want that!

- When will I know as a partner that I am "OK?"

In this episode, Mark and Steve take on these and many more related questions.

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