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Evolve from Treating the “Symptoms of Addiction” to a Real & Lasting “Change of Heart & Mind."

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

In episode 180, Mark and Steve address an insightful inquiry from a porn/sex addict seeking a real and lasting change of heart and mind in his recovery. Here's how he describes his situation—

"Hello! I am a recovering porn addict, and I have been listening to your podcast for the past six months or so. I have had a CSAT for the past nine months and started going to 12-step meetings around the same time. The recovery process has been hard, but I have begun to finally uncover some of the needs that I have been trying to meet or ignore by using porn. It has been in some ways exciting to have a better understanding of my insecurities which I have unknowingly been trying to shore up with porn. But now that I have started to pull back the curtain, I’m not sure of the best way to move forward. How can I practically retrain myself to address my insecurities in a healthy way, now that those insecurities have been at least partly revealed? Just the knowledge of how my coping mechanisms are unhealthy and an idea of what a healthy response would be doesn’t actually change my heart or my brain. I can tell myself truths repeatedly and I can set up daily reminders of what would be healthy, but that does not seem to offer much in the way of real heart change. I know this question is very broad and answers may be insecurity/situation specific, but if there are any recommendations for how to really internalize healthy responses, I would appreciate it. "

- Why do porn/sex addiction “symptoms” seemingly get all the attention and focus?

- What is the difference between treating addiction “symptoms” and uncovering and healing the “core causes/issues” and why does this matter?

- How does all of this relate to “co-dependencies” and relying on the “external” to soothe the “internal”?

- Why can addicts in recovery become burned out, complacent, disillusioned and give in to the so-called “inevitability of addiction relapse”?

- How does an addict in recovery move from “sobriety” to a “real and lasting change” of mind and heart?

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