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Hey, we're doing well, so we can let up on our Boundaries—Right?

When things have been going well for awhile in addiction recovery and betrayal trauma healing, there can be a temptation to relax the boundaries we've agreed to. This can also seem like a viable option when things are continuing to fall apart in the relationship. In either situation, experience tells us that the BEST chance your marriage has is within the safety and growth of BOUNDARIES. In this episode, Mark and Steve get into some of the more subtle and advanced nuances of boundaries - Boundaries are often like “sand castles”--clear and strong at first, but then when the waves come crashing in they can quickly erode. 

- Beware the “subtle ruts” that can creep into your boundaries.

- Should boundaries “evolve”? And how is this different from them simply being worn down or decaying?

- Boundaries should be serving you—not you serving your boundaries!

- Why are even seemingly “small” boundary enforcements important to recovery, healing and your marriage relationship?

Assignment:  Do an honest, open “Boundary Assessment.”

Find out more about Steve Moore at:  Ascension Counseling

Learn more about Mark Kastleman at:  Reclaim Counseling Services Learn why his porn addiction and the Betrayal Trauma it brings is NOT YOUR FAULT— Find out HOW Porn use can easily turn into a "Drug Addiction?— Is there a difference between "true intimacy" and "sex"?— How can you "heal" your marriage relationship?—

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