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I Want My Addict Partner to SUFFER; to Feel TERRIBLE like I do! How Can I Stop these Feelings?!

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

In episode 182, Mark and Steve respond to a very authentic, vulnerable and VERY direct question from a PBSE listener—

"Can you address this question on your podcast? I want my partner to suffer the same hurt as he inflicted on me. I actually want him to feel terrible. Why do I feel this way. How can I stop feeling this way? "

- What does "Betrayal Trauma" look like and feel like when you are the partner of a sex/porn addict?

- Why does Betrayal Trauma feel "crazy;" create "emotional variability;" and even what might seem like a "split personality"?!

- What is "under" all the INTENSE emotions surrounding Betrayal Trauma? How can you move from a "symptoms focus" to addressing the "deep core issues"?

- Is "stopping" the intense feelings of Betrayal Trauma really the best answer? How can you "move through" these feelings to learn, become more authentic, create and hold boundaries, establish your own support system and sources of health and wellbeing and "become your own person"?

- If you are an sex/porn addict in recovery or thinking of getting to that place, what valuable insights and lessons can YOU learn from your partner's Betrayal Trauma?

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Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
Jun 28, 2023

It is curious that you call gaslighting etc a thought error. Willful manipulation to control others is abuse.

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